Affirmative action in graduate studies: the challenges of expanding an inclusion policy”, by Anna Venturini.

The book is the result of his doctoral research, defended in 2019, which, in 2020 won the Award for Best Political Science Ph.D. Dissertation in the IESP-UERJ Best Thesis Competition.

The book arrives in a promising context for affirmative action and echoes the urgency of advancing the topic within the scope of public policies.

Unlike the scope of undergraduate studies, no federal law regulates affirmative actions for postgraduate studies in Brazil, so such policies have been created autonomously by each program or established by state laws or resolutions of university councils applicable to all programs at a university. This book expands the academic debate about creating inclusion policies through academic graduate programs at Brazilian public universities, based on the period from January 2002 to January 2018.

The result of the initiative is a multidisciplinary analysis that observes the process of creating public policy on affirmative action in graduate studies, its actors, and motivations. The broad-based undertaking encompasses everything from the entry of these policies onto the university agenda to their dissemination throughout the Brazilian university system. The work also investigates factors that explain the adoption of some postgraduate programs as opposed to others that did not; it also examines how the creation of affirmative actions changed the traditional selection process carried out by graduate programs.

Venturini, Anna Carolina. Ação afirmativa na pós-graduação: os desafios da expansão de uma política de inclusão. Rio de Janeiro: EdUERJ, 2023. 444 pp.